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Mobile Applications

White Pixel develop custom mobile application for businesses and brands, helping them reach new customers and improve their mobile usability across different platforms and devices. Our expertise and services include:

Check Icon Native IOS application development

Check Icon Native IPhone / IPad application development

Check Icon Custom interface design for mobile application

Check Icon Server side development of mobile services

Mobile App
Website Development

Website Development

White Pixel offers a full range of profesional and development and design services for corporate website and multi functional web portals. Our expertise include:

Check Icon Consultancy and planning

Check Icon SEO friendly web design

Check Icon Valid HTML5 / CSS3 Markup

Check Icon Responsive web design

Check Icon Wordpress, Drupal and custom CMS development

Check Icon Custom web solution development

Website Development

Outsource Your Development Team

Benefits for a company that uses outsourcing services are numerous but fundamental are cost savings in operating costs (employees, rent, energy, IT costs, taxes and fees, etc.), increasing efficiency and flexibility of the company.

Check Icon Cost Savings - you don’t need to purchase equipment or other supplies required for software development.

Check Icon Time Savings - you don’t have to spend time looking for new developers and then hiring and training them to suit your project needs.

Check Icon Flexibility - Hiring a full-time in-house developer for short-term projects isn’t really practical. Either you will have to keep him or her busy through the year with new projects. Or you will have to provide them with salary and other benefits even when they aren’t actually working.

Check Icon Focus on Your Core Business - Let the experts handle your product development so that you can focus on the core value of your business. In the long-run, this will help your company grow and expand much more efficiently and rapidly.

Enterprise Application

Software designed to integrate all aspects of a firm's operations and processes such as accounting, finance, human resources, inventory control, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution, and resource planning. Advanced enterprise applications provide linkages with customers, business partners, and suppliers.

Check Icon Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Check Icon Content Management System (CMS)

Check Icon Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Check Icon Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Chatbot Development

Chatbots are tools that enable businesses to automate communication with their customers in a scalable way. No matter what your business is, whether you are a celebrity, a clothing store, a services company, a startup, a fitness instructor, a politician, or anything else, you need to have a chatbot.

Check Icon 24/7 Instant response to customer's enquiry

Check Icon Communicate with unlimited customers simultaneously

Check Icon Personalised and engaging conversations

Check Icon Greatly improves customer experience and retention rate

Check Icon Custom Sale Funnel Marketing Techniques